Experiencing Past Life Regressions

Widely propagated by Dr. Brian Weiss, past life regressions have captured the attention of millions of interested individuals. From healing physical ailments to just doing it for curiosity, hypnotherapy for past life regression is part of the new age movement of healing. One may not even believe in reincarnation in order to experience a past life regression during hypnotherapy.

Sometimes it’s better to experience for yourself rather than being told that something is true. Psychics can tell you about your past, and even get a glimpse into your future. Even gifted intuitive individuals can tell you about your past and connections in it. However, when you truly experience it for yourself, it’s quite a different and much more profound experience that can lend understanding to your life on a much deeper level.

How Past Life Affects Your Current Life?

You truly get in touch with that past life that’s been affecting you in the present life by allowing your mind to open on that deeper level, and, as you do, you are guided back into that past life that’s influencing the situation or condition that’s affecting you. You may even realize your own karmic patterns that you can now transform with Past life regression hypnotherapy in Hollywood, Florida.

Once the correlation between that past life and your issue is determined, healing is brought to that past life that then clears the feelings or patterns that has been prevailing in the current life. Therefore, past life regression has been successful because it allows us to get to the root cause of issues that continue to influence you in the current life and perhaps were influencing you for many lifetimes.

How Hypnosis Can Help with Past Life Regression?

Impressions made in the mind can influence us in many different ways. Think about being at the beach. You may notice an image in your mind or perhaps the feelings associated with your last memorable occasion at the beach. These feelings and visions produce a physical reaction in the body. In the same way, impressions becomes deep seated within our subconscious mind at various times in our lives, especially during traumatic situations. Sometimes these karmic impressions remain with us even in future lives and continue to influence us physically, emotionally, and mentally as well. Often times a trigger in the present life will set the pattern in motion. Past life regression hypnotherapy not only helps to uncover the karmic bonds but to also help in healing the impressions that continue to influence life in the present.

Unexplained pains that no doctor can explain or diagnose within the physical body can lead back to a past life. Strong emotional ties with certain individuals, cultures, places, or even talents can sometimes lead back to a past life. Overcoming fears or limitations can also lead back to a past life.

Getting Hypnotherapy for Past Life Regression With Renukha

When a client comes in to see me at Healthy Living Hypnosis in Hollywood, Florida, past life regression therapy is one of the many transformational modalities that I use get to the root cause of your issue, whether it’s with relationship issues, fears, pains, emotional anxiousness, and other psychosomatic illnesses as well. I sometimes use PLR Therapy at your request as many of us are curious, and depending on the openness of your subconscious mind which we discuss prior to the session, we then journey within the subconscious to uncover the associated past life. Many times past lives may come up spontaneously in session as it may be the core of your issue and healing occurs at that time. Either way, past life regressions are excellent to help you to open your mind and your heart on a deeper level.

How It Works?

Step 1


I make sure that you are alert, wide awake and when we communicate you can hear, comprehend and understand everything I am saying. This involved speaking and engaging to ensure that you are willing to follow my instructions.

Step 2


At this, you can hear and understand my instruction. You are able to follow along with any guided meditations, using your senses vividly. Your mind is very receptive to the suggestions I give you during this time.

Step 3


During this time your mind may wander off and you might even miss parts of what I say. This is perfectly normal and it means that your subconscious mind is listening to and acting upon my suggestions.

Step 4


After engaging in a hypnotic interaction you become more resourceful in overcoming your problems/challenges. Based on your reactions you might be advised to take multiple sessions in order for the therapy to be effective.

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