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Did you know that Halloween was originally developed to ward off ghosts? All Hollow’s Eve, as it was called, was celebrated to wear costumes to keep the ghosts away. Another name for it, All Saint’s Eve originated because the Celtics thought that the night of October 31st was when the ghosts roamed the earth. Those that have died are commemorated in many traditions around the world during this time, however, not everyone that dies actually pass on. There are many that die but forget to go back home on the other side. The spirit of these people roam the earth for longer periods of time, sometimes even thousands of years. What they normally do to “stay alive” is to attach to other people. We call this Entity Attachment.

Spirits Attached to Human Beings As Ghosts

Entity Attachment is quite common simply because so many spirits are not leaving this realm to go back to their origins in the soul realms. Instead, they end up attaching to other living breathing human beings as ghosts. Most of the times, we are not aware of when a ghost or multiple ghosts have attached to us. The attachment can be so subtle that it seems that it’s you over time in your life, but it’s not really you. For example, you might hear thoughts in your mind thinking it’s your thoughts, but it’s really the entity or ghost influencing your thoughts, even your words and actions as well. Hypnotherapy for entity attachment release helps you to identify whether it’s you or an entity pretending to be you. Using shamanism and hypnotherapy for entity attachment removal, I help you restore balance.

Hypnotherapy for Entity Attachment Release

You might be wondering if this is real or not, or perhaps I am making this all up. In my career as a hypnotherapist and a shaman, I have found many who have had entities attached to them.  These beings attached for various reasons, whether they were jealous because the person was happy in life and they intended to break them down, or they wanted to help the person because they saw the person needed protection. Sometimes it was simply because they did not want to be alone and found the individual to be good companion.  There are so many reasons entities cling to people.  Using shamanism and hypnotherapy for entity attachment release, I help you say goodbye to these beings that influencing you in some sort of way in your life, whether it’s making you think thoughts that are not your own, making you gain weight, causing you to be irrational in relationships, or influencing behaviors in life.

Depending upon Alcohol, Weed or Drugs Could make it Worse

There are many Entities that are not limited in the scope of how much they can influence you as a human being. As many people are turning to smoking, drugs, weed, and other substances to feel better, unfortunately they are also inviting entities into their vibrational fields mostly because their energy is more vulnerable during their high. A lot of people who die using substances end up being confused, alone, lost in sadness and despair. In this state they end up remaining here with us as ghosts and therefore attach to humans. It does not matter whether you know the entity or not, they find a way to make themselves comfortable in your space. With hypnotherapy for the removal of entity attachment, you can be free from these beings influencing you.

So for this Halloween, Treat yourself to a Happy Halloween by booking your customized hypnotherapy for entity attachment release session or customized shaman session for entity attachment removal from Renukha at Healthy Living Hypnosis today.

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