Transform Grief & Loss with Hypnosis

The emotional pain that arises from loss can be profound and challenging to handle. It is not something that is normally taught to us in regular schooling on how to handle, therefore we sometimes do not want to deal with the emotional pain, especially the ones pertaining to loss. From loss of a pet, loss of a home, loss of a relationship, loss of a career, loss of a loved one, even the aging process, while we all experience loss at some point in our lives, not knowing how to handle it can lead to a lasting impact on our lives in many ways.

Sometimes negative patterns emerge in our lives if we continually suppress the emotions over time. Sometimes we run away from it as in moving to a different place or using drugs to cover it up. Sometimes this emotional impression manifests as ailments in the physical body. Sometimes not dealing with it can build up so much internally that we stop in our tracks and just start existing. The impact of loss on our lives can be quite vast and even complicated.Some people are able to carry on with their lives despite feeling the effects of the loss. Others may become overwhelmed with feelings of regret, sadness, emptiness, and may find it more difficult to move on with life.

Emotional Impact of Hypnosis

Although the emotional impact can be immeasurable, nothing will ever change the reality of what has happened. Instead, you can transform the feelings associated – the emptiness, loneliness, sadness, etc. – into new views and emotions on a deeper level. Using Hypnotherapy in South Florida, Renukha Arjoon, CHt. guides you to handling these emotions and related feelings to transform them in a short period of time, thus helping you to move on with peace and acceptance. At times we feel that we can handle the loss as this is part of life and we learn to cope. At times, however, as in the death of a significant love, it may be harder to handle.

How HLH is Helpful in The Transformation?

To grieve is a natural and normal part of coming to terms with the loss we encounter during life. Yet the strong feelings of deep, hopeless, heart-wrenching despair along with the numerous and diverse feelings going from anger, appreciation, loneliness, fear, denial, acceptance, sadness – all of these feelings seem to exist simultaneously and then instantly disappeared only to be changed by a tremendous emptiness that can be so overwhelming that it may feel it’s never going away. With Hypnotherapy in Hollywood, Florida at Healthy Living Hypnosis, introducing the profound concepts of forgiveness, acceptance and gratitude into the subconscious mind will help these feelings to dissipate, leaving you in a space of appreciation for all that you have experienced together with your loved one, thus helping you to have a more light-hearted feeling and enthusiasm for life.

Shock, denial, anger and guilt, despair and depression, and acceptance are the various stages of grief. No matter what stage of grief you are going through, transformation with Hypnotherapy does not imply that you will forget your loved one or your loss, it only implies that it will be easier to think of the person or the situation with wisdom, compassion, and understanding.

Choosing Hypnotherapy in Hollywood, Florida with Renukha Arjoon, CHt. gives you a safe and supportive environment to fully express your emotions without judgment, shame, or guilt, and together we will compassionately help you to move forward and lead the life you are want to live.