Virtual Hypnosis For Anxiety

Many of us experience symptoms of anxiety throughout life yet we are not aware that it is labeled as anxiety.  While there are many different symptoms of anxiety, feeling the heart racing or nerves tingling throughout the body especially with shaky hands, being easily startled, or having shortness of breath are some possible signs of anxiety.  Severe anxiety includes panic attacks and hyperventilating as well as trouble sleeping amongst other symptoms.  In all cases of anxiety there is an origin, and often times your subconscious mind is reminding you of something that has happened in the past that is beneath your level of conscious awareness. Your present circumstance or situation triggers the past to come up within you. Any unexpressed emotion tends to be expressed through the physical body and therefore appears as anxiety. Fortunately there are many ways to deal with anxiety through hypnosis even to eliminate it by using hypnotherapy for anxiety.

How Effective is Hypnosis in Managing Anxiety


Hypnosis has been very effective in helping to manage the symptoms of anxiety simply because it promotes relaxation and connection with your inner self. With hypnosis and anxiety symptoms you’ll find that you feel much better as the symptoms alleviate and brings you to a state of calmness throughout mind and body. Relaxation with hypnosis for anxiety helps you to temporarily free yourself from focusing on the symptoms you experience in your body and relaxes the mind so even those underlying thoughts calms down for some time. Suggestions are then given to help you to create change within your system.

Finding Symptoms of Anxiety

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The mind and emotions affect your body and your overall sense of being. Using hypnotherapy for anxiety takes the issue of hypnosis and anxiety to a much deeper level. Hypnotherapy works by using the hypnotic state to promote transformation from within your deep inner mind. During the virtual hypnotherapy sessions, you may go the cause of the anxiety and as your hypnotherapist, I guide you to expressing and working through transforming the underlying issues being presented by your subconscious mind. Though it may take multiple hypnotherapy sessions because you may discover quite a few deeper connected issues along the way, as long as allow yourself to complete the journey, you may find that the symptoms of anxiety lessens and perhaps even vanishes. The body is then free to be at peace.

Virtual Hypnosis Can Help

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More and more people around the world are receiving help with hypnosis for anxiety. Throughout my years of practice as a hypnotherapist, I have helped many people with anxiety and with online hypnotherapy sessions available to millions of people, help is available to you from the comfort of your own home. In your hypnotherapy sessions online, you are face to face with me through Zoom as we discuss details of your experience with anxiety and systematically take you deeper and deeper into connecting with yourself.

Contact Renukha today to allow yourself to receive and transform so you no longer suffer with the symptoms of anxiety.


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