4 Ways of shifting mindset during Covid 19 Pandemic

Shifting Mindset During COVID-19 Through Virtual Hypnosis

At times like this global pandemic when there is uncertainty in the world, seeing the glass half full makes a huge difference in the way you feel in your life rather than seeing the glass half empty. Thoughts like “I’m stuck at home” or “I can’t go out” or “I’m going to get sick if I go out” or “I’m stuck with my kids” keeps you in negative frame of mind. Anxiety, fear, worry, and stress may be the result, which may inadvertently keep you from recognizing opportunities while you stay at home. To help you shift out of this mindset, we have a different approach to handling negative thinking using online hypnotherapy.

gratitude hypnosis to help under coronavirus pandemic covid 19

Hypnosis for Gratitude Mindset to help under Coronavirus Pandemic – COVID-19


1. Gratitude Mindset

Being grateful paves the way for your energy to connect with the universal energy of gratitude. It’s understanding that no matter what, universe is there to support you. At Healthy Living Hypnosis, Renukha tells her clients to write one thing they are grateful for each day to begin creating the shift. This can be something as simple as “I am grateful for the air that I breathe” or “I am grateful to have a home.” The energy will then begin to shift you out of stress and fear and harness in a positive way in your life and in your home as well.




Hypnosis For Positive Mindset During Coronavirus Pandemic Covid 19

Hypnosis For Positive Mindset During Coronavirus Pandemic -COVID-19

2. Positivity Mindset

Negative thoughts may pop up within the mind especially during times like this coronavirus outbreak because we are all human. However, a slight shifting of your thoughts can take a sentence like “I’m stuck at home” to being “I get to be safe in my home.” Seeing a situation in a positive mindset and reminding your subconscious mind that you are safe will then alleviate anxiety. With online hypnosis at Healthy Living Hypnosis, we help the subconscious mind with these positive words on a deeper level so you really believe them while you say them.




Hypnosis For Positive Mindset During Coronavirus Pandemic Covid 19

Hypnosis For Positive Mindset During Coronavirus Pandemic – COVID-19

3. Personal Development Mindset

The way you perceive the present situations is affected by your past. Rather than feeling anxiety and stressed, it’s understanding that your negative thoughts and feelings are being fueled by negative past perspectives that you have been holding on to throughout your life. This means the present circumstances triggers the past to come to the surface within your mind, thus taking over your thoughts and emotions and influences you in relationships. Use this time while you are in quarantine to engage in personal development by having hypnotherapy online with Renukha to eliminate some of the emotional and mental baggage so you are free to enjoy connecting with family and friends. This way, instead of thinking “I’m stuck with the kids” your mindset will easily shift to being “I’m enjoying my time with the kids.”



Hypnosis For Trusting Mindset During Coronavirus Pandemic Covid 19 HLH

Hypnosis For Trusting Mindset During Coronavirus Pandemic – COVID-19

4. Trusting Mindset

Worrying adds to stress and fear and keeps you from enjoying this global pandemic opportunity to socialize with family and friends. It is understanding that while you can’t control the situation around you, you can control your own actions and responses with activities that you can enjoy while at home. Thinking that “I’m going to get sick if I go out” keeps you in a state of worry and anxiety, however, recognize that there is a higher power looking out for you. Trust that you are being cared for, trust that this will pass so you can easily shift into thinking “I’m safe to go out for food because my immune system is strong as I am taking care of myself.” If you are one that worries constantly no matter what, online hypnotherapy with Renukha can definitely help you to shift your mindset so you appreciate all that you have around you.

Learning how to manage your thoughts, focusing on the positive thoughts as much as you can will help to transform your life and help you get through this coronavirus pandemic so contact Renukha at Healthy Living Hypnosis to book your online hypnosis session today.

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