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5 Easy Ways to Manage Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is pain in the physical body that lasts for more than a few years consistently. One chronic pain most prevalent is back pain, yet there are other pains that people experience in the body for years at times. Some pains are results of previous injuries whereas other pains in the body seems to come out from nowhere. Though pain is felt in the body, we can use the power of the mind to directly influence, manage, and sometimes eliminate the pain. While Hypnotherapy for pain can be used to eliminate pain when appropriate, here are 5 easy ways to help you manage chronic pain:


1. Relaxation

Stress of any kind can contribute to pain. Sometimes being stressed can affect the area of chronic vulnerability in your body. Learning to relax and let go can help soothe the area of concern in your body. We use some powerful relaxation techniques in hypnosis for stress that helps tremendously in bringing about relaxation throughout the body and deeply into the area where the pain is being felt, thus helping you to feel more at ease.  You can get comfortable and relax by simply closing your eyes and letting your mind be more at peace within. When your body and mind feels more at peace, the area of pain also quiets down into calmness.

2. Visualize

Have you ever daydreamed so much where sometimes you temporarily forget the world around you and you feel like you’re part of your daydream?  This is the power of visualization.  Visualization can help you to not only manage the pain you are feeling but to even help you overcome it entirely if the body and deeper aspects of self thinks it’s appropriate. As one of the techniques we use in hypnosis for pain, you can see yourself being healed or see the pain being transformed. Take it from Bruce Lee who had said “As you think, so shall you become.”

3. Awareness

When it comes to pain within your body, knowing your own body is the best way to help yourself, and the way you can help yourself is to become aware. When you are aware of what triggers your pain, you can then take control in different ways. While doing hypnosis for pain, we guide you through experiences to help you become more aware. Whether it’s a body position, a certain exercise, a certain food, a type of weather, even an emotional state, become aware or mindful of how it affects your chronic pain so you are aware of what changes you can make to alleviate the pain or even prevent it from being triggered.

4. Pacing Yourself

Sometimes when you are doing too much or giving too much of yourself, your body can scream at you by exacerbating your symptoms. Knowing when to stop, when to slow down, when to take a break, when to honor or set personal boundaries in relation to others can help ease your area of chronic vulnerability. Doing this will prevent your pain from being triggered and will even ease your pain because you are listening to your body.  In hypnotherapy for pain, we teach to listen to your body so it becomes easier to know what your body is telling you in regards to the pain signals it’s sending to you.

5. Pacing Yourself

Never underestimate the power of distraction and how much it can do to alleviate chronic pain.  Sometimes it’s difficult to be distracted when you are feeling the pain, but doing something that can keep you engrossed like an activity you enjoy more than anything else in the world will definitely help you to temporarily forget the pain. Whether it’s something like dancing, playing video games, your favorite sports activity, your favorite hobby, or reading the most interesting fiction book, occupying your mind entirely will help give you some relief from chronic pain.

In Hypnotherapy for pain, we teach many techniques to our clients to help them empower themselves. If you would like to start empowering yourself in this way, call us today at Healthy Living Hypnosis FL to make your appointment.

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