Many times the victim ends up blaming themselves for the sexual assault and the shame that takes hold of them so deeply prevents them from revealing the truth. So many factors play a role in victims not reporting it to anyone. For example, if the perpetrator was a family member like an uncle, brother, dad, grandfather, close family friend, etc. sometimes they don’t want to cause havoc in the family or be the reason the family breaks up or kill each other so they keep it a secret.

What Else Keeps You Silent?

If it’s in the workplace, for example, the victim may feel powerless as they may not be in a role of authority as we have seen in cases of women reporting their sexual assault by Harvey Weinstein or the men reporting their sexual abuse by Priests as children. Prior to the #MeToo movement, authorities did not pay much attention to men or women reporting their sexual assault especially by a person of power or celebrity in the case of Bill Cosby.

How Deep Does It Rip You Off From Inside?

Millions of women today are revealing that Dr. Ford’s raw testimony brought up their own secretive painful past of sexual abuse or sexual assault. Some women are revealing that they thought they had dealt with it but the testimony brought it all back to the surface for them. Cases of sexual abuse and sexual assault are quite prevalent in therapies of all kinds. Sexual assault and sexual abuse affects victims in so many different ways as they continue to live on in life. Whether its weight issues, substance abuse, relationship issues, fears, anxieties, serious mental illnesses like schizophrenia, chronic depression, body aches and pain that are sometimes unexplainable, it even affects the way a person thinks, behaves, and communicates with others.

hypnotherapy to fight sexual abuse or sexual assault

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The scope of how much sexual abuse and sexual assault affects a person is extremely vast, affecting the individual from physical level to emotional level to mental level and even on spiritual level too. In hypnotherapy, we are able to help the individual on all these levels so they can move on with the flow of life no longer having the horror of their past shown to them through issues they are currently facing in life.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Finding Courage To Deal With Sexual Assault?

It takes a lot of courage for a person to face their past and deal with it in a way that would help them transform and feel empowered to no longer consider themselves as a victim anymore. As a hypnotherapist, sometimes individuals that knows they have been sexually abused or assaulted reveal they are not ready to deal with it or it’s too much for them to handle or they just don’t want to go back there again, even though going back there again is within the mind from a different perspective and with guidance to support them to transform in unique ways.

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What Makes Me Think, “I can Help You With Hypnotherapy?”

As it is my job to honor the clients’ needs, I do respect them and I also let them know this is the life to handle it while the opportunity to heal it is available to them. Whether it’s 2 years from now or 10 years from now, allow yourself to heal on these deeper levels while you still can, while such deeper therapies that exist can really help a person to transform on these multiple levels. Prior to this century we don’t know if such deeper therapies like hypnotherapy has existed before so while you are in this life, heal that trauma that plagues your mind or comes up from time to time to show you that it’s still there seeking your help.

For ages, even centuries, women have been made to feel as if they don’t matter in comparison to men. As the times are changing, women all over the world are standing up for their rights as human beings to be seen as equal to men. It’s amazing that women are the creators in humanity and yet so disrespected by men throughout time in many different cultures around the world.

So if you have those beliefs that you don’t matter, that you’re not worthy, or you feel like you’re nothing or nobody, or feel powerless or inferior, let us at Healthy Living Hypnosis help you to really transform those beliefs so you can take charge of your life in so many various ways..