Moving Through Dark Times In Life

Often times, people endure mental and emotional anguish by themselves, yet they feel comfortable to share the good and happy times together with others. Society has made it seems that sharing vulnerabilities, especially for males, is a bad thing and it has a negative stigma.

Feeling Depressed or Lost Someone Closer

Feeling Depressed, Alone or Stuck in Despair

Feeling Lost, Alone or Stuck?

Whether it’s grief, whether it’s loss in some way, whether it’s deep dark depression, abuse, or traumatic memories that haunts a person, feeling lost, alone, abandoned, sad, unwanted, depressed, stuck in despair and emptiness are real feelings that exists. If feelings of suffering is not addressed, they can inadvertently affect a person in many ways that may lead to disease and self-destructive tendencies that can manifest in many ways including addiction and suicide. Please understand and be informed that help does exist, and that help is available to you as soon as you get over the obstacle of feeling that you do not need help, that you can handle it all on your own.



Hypnotherapy Can Help During Those Dark Times in Life

Hypnotherapy Can Help During Those Dark Times in Life

Ask For Help!

Sometimes pride may get in the way of you asking for help but often times that pride may be to your own detriment especially if you are not doing anything to help your own self. Sometimes people with huge egos end up suffering the most because they refuse help or deny themselves the assistance, yet they do not gather resources to know how to help themselves. This is where therapy comes in. It is completely okay for you to reach out and ask for help. Society has placed a negative stigma on therapy, yet those that have had the courage to go through therapy, especially hypnotherapy will tell you that it may not be the easiest process but perhaps the most rewarding thing they have ever done for themselves. Therapy of any kind especially Hypnotherapy can help you understand yourself and know yourself truly.




Hypnosis is Helpful for Emotional Mental Well being

Hypnosis is Helpful for Emotional & Mental Well-being

Mental & Emotional Well Being Is Important

No matter what you are feeling, you have already lived through the event or events that created the existence of those negative feelings. What lingers within your mind, within your emotions, within your cellular memories, and within your energetic imprints is simply the shadow of those memories that have not been dealt with appropriately. Though you may be aware what causes you to feel the way you feel, you may need extra help to truly get over it. At Healthy Living Hypnosis, we utilize customized and systemic approaches as you get help using hypnotherapy to release the emotional and mental baggage that haunts you on different levels so you are free to move on and blossom in your life.



Hypnosis Can Help Lower Your Sufferings

Hypnosis Can Help Ease Your Suffering

Hypnosis Can Help Ease Your Suffering

Every human being goes through some sort of suffering in their life, whether they are aware of it or not. Suffering exists to teach us, to help us to grow and evolve in life, to help our soul to grow and evolve, to help us to have more compassion for self and others, and ultimately to show us that we are all one and connected. As hypnotherapy can help, through the process of Hypnotherapy with Renukha, you get to understand not only your own process in life but also on a bigger perspective. You realize the importance of your existence in this physical plane as well as on multiple levels of your existence. Once you are connected with that deeper level of understanding, we help you to transform those beliefs and ideas presented within your mind to help you move forward in life with hope.

Before you give up on life, you owe it to yourself, to your soul, to your higher self to do the best you possibly can with all the resources that are present and available to you here on earth and in your divinity as well. So as you can get help using hypnotherapy, Reach out to us at Healthy Living Hypnosis where Renukha is available in office and online virtually to help you start your journey to living a more fulfilled life.

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