hypnotherapy with regression

One of The Most Effective Tool of Hypnotherapy: Regression Therapy

Did you know that whenever you look up at the sky, you are glimpsing into the past? Every time you look up at the stars, even the sun, you are actually seeing light that was emitted in the past. The sun’s light that you see as you look at it was emitted 8 minutes 20 seconds prior to your physical eyes processing the view. Stars that you are seeing in your present day emitted that light sometimes even millions of years ago, yet you are now catching a glimpse of it. What does this tell you? The past that we have lived and experienced continues to influence us in our present day life.

Imprints of Past affecting Present & Future

Spirits Attached to Human Beings As Ghosts

The past that we have experienced continues to leave imprints that affects our present and future. These imprints continue to reside within the minds and influence our thoughts, behavior, action, our words, our responses or lack thereof, our beliefs, feelings, perspectives, our body’s ailments, sometimes our livelihood, amongst other influences. Sometimes these imprints are not what we want to be part of our lives; we would rather forget and move on into something dramatically different for ourselves, yet it has a tendency to creep up on us and influence us in ways that we may not prefer. This is where hypnotherapy can help on that deeper level to identify and transform the imprint you find unfavorable. Although hypnotherapy may not help you to forget, it does release you from the bondage that was created inside of you during the times of trauma.

Hypnotherapy through Regression Therapy

regression therapy hypnotherapy

You may be wondering how hypnotherapy can help release your trauma or the impressions you carry. We use various methods to help you to connect within the memory that is affecting your present, and then we begin to collapse that which ails your mind, emotions, thoughts, body, actions, from within that memory so you are no longer carrying the impressions that plays in your present day life or your present day mind. One of the most popular methods of achieving this is called regression therapy. Using regression therapy, we help you to sort of “time travel” into your mind, into that past, and, though it may be challenging for you to experience those memories once more as they may bring up very raw and real emotions for you, be assured that by the completion of the regression, you will experience phenomenal transformations, whether just in thought or in more concrete ways in your life.

Transformation Through Regression Therapy

hypnotherapy with regression

Though regression therapy may not help you to forget your experience, it will remove the baggage connected to that experience. This means that the negativity or impressions left within you will be transformed and the experience itself will no longer have any influencing force on you. That experience happened in your life for a reason to which you may have already consciously learned, discovered, and moved on from, however, your deeper inner self may not have let go and it continues to sometimes take over and create reactions or thoughts or body ailments that you do not wish to occur.

So today while you look up at the stars and see into the past, look within your own mind and see how your past continues to shape your present and future in all ways. Call us today at 954-889-7751 for your first appointment as Renukha at Healthy Living Hypnosis can help you to be more present in your surrounding and within yourself. You deserve freedom in all ways to enjoy life on this planet.

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