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Mental Health Awareness Week

As part of Mental Health Awareness week, more and more people are talking about their own dilemma regarding the mental health crisis they have experienced in life.  Whether it’s depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, negative thinking, grief, or anything else under the mental health spectrum, people all over the world in all different classes, genders, religions, races are experiencing symptoms connected to mental health issues.  This shows how very important hypnotherapy is to this world as a resource to help people overcome some of their mental health issues.  People think that they have to live with depression, live with anxiety, live with their mental health illness, but the truth is hypnotherapy can help you overcome it, transform the baggage surrounding the issue so it’s not taking over your life. You can drastically lessen or even eliminate the symptoms and underlying feelings, thus releasing you from the anxiety, depression or other mental health issue that affects you.

happy to help renukha healthy living hypnosisCHOOSING YOURSELF FIRST

There is so much stigma surrounding mental health yet it is so prevalent in this world – whether the countries of the world recognizes it or not – that there are many industries dedicated to helping people manage their mental health issue. Some countries leave their communities to deal with it on their own as they do not talk about it or bring it to the surface to help those with mental health issues, but this is why we are bringing hypnotherapy online so that virtual hypnotherapy can help, so that online hypnotherapy can help those people around the world that needs help but is not getting it locally in their community. Do not let stigma of particular race, gender, or community hold you back from feeling good or feeling safe or feeling free to be your true sense of self. Each individual is different and hypnotherapy honors each individual to express themselves and have their voices be heard. Choose to uplift yourself first by seeking to get help using online hypnotherapy.


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If you invest in your mental health, everything will fall into place.  You’ll start showing up in the world in a different way that is more present, where you get to enjoy and appreciate the world around you because you feel good inside. You do not need to spend 10 years, 20 years, 30 or more years in dealing the with the symptoms of your mental health issue. Instead, you can get help with hypnotherapy to release it and overcome those underlying issues connected to the symptoms of it. Get help using online hypnotherapy as many of us hypnotherapists are now working online to help people all over the world.



Hypnosis Can Help

Virtual hypnotherapy can help you from your own space, whether you’re home or not home, as I am face to face on camera with you to help you feel more free inside of yourself, free to be uniquely you, free to overcome challenges in life that faces you, and free to help you transform those feelings of lost, alone, confused, and anything else that you feel.  Some people see me through their smartphone, some use their laptops, some use their tablets, and some see me in office in person to get help with hypnotherapy. If you are abroad, online hypnotherapy can help as one way or another where there is the will, there is a way. Allow yourself to be guided so you can manage and overcome the mental health issue that affects your life.


Contact me today, Renukha at Healthy Living Hypnosis to get started on your way to a better life as you can Transform Your Life with Hypnotherapy.

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