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Breaking Negative Patterns With 4 A’s

Do you sometimes find yourself stuck in a loop? Or do you continue experiencing the same cycle over and over again but you don’t realize this is happening to you? Patterns sometimes takes time to notice. Some patterns are over extended periods of times while other cycles happen only after a short period of rest.

Remember these 4 A’s to help you break out of negative patterns:

1. Awareness

If you are not consciously aware that you are in a pattern, then you cannot change what you do not know. It takes a bit of introspection for you to recognize that you are indeed in a negative loop. This means seeing the past occurrences and realizing that you are going through the same thing again several times or more. Sometimes it may take the people around you to help you become aware that it’s a pattern you are experiencing. Once you are consciously aware of the negative loop, it’s time to hold up the magnifying lens to it.

2. Accountability

We often have a tendency to blame others for the way we are or the way we ended up being. Yet understand that it is entirely up to you to take responsibility at some point for your existence, your behaviors, the situations you encounter, and even your way of thinking. Be real with your truths whether you or others have done wrong. Once you’ve accepted responsibility that the pattern is a result of your creation whether conscious or unconscious, then it becomes easier to dive deeper into analyzing and taking action.

3. Action

Consciously taking action to change the pattern may work for a short period of time or it may exacerbate the negativity surrounding the cycle which can cause the cycles to appear quicker and/or more intense the next time around. One of the major ways to breaking the negative pattern is uprooting it from the core. With Hypnotherapy, we dive deep into everything surrounding the pattern and transform the underlying cause of it. This then shifts the vibrations so the negative pattern no longer occurs.

4. Healthy Expression

Once your pattern has been broken, it’s as if you’ve taken back control. The decisions are now in your hands. Choices are now yours to make as you see fit rather than reacting to what was being presented to you unconsciously. You might feel a sense of freedom or you might notice the negative cycle completely disappeared. It’s amazing the results that Hypnotherapy can yield once patterns have been broken.

If you find yourself stuck in a loop and need to break it for good, contact us at Healthy Living Hypnosis to get started to transforming your life.