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4 Steps to Positive Body Image

Your thoughts and feelings regarding the appearance of your body is known as your body image. The way you see yourself in the mirror or within your mind is your body image. As a woman, people may say you’re slim but you may still think you’re fat. As a man, you may feel you’re too short and therefore belittle yourself as a result. You may judge yourself in a positive way or a negative way depending on what you like and do not like about your physical body. Our body image is so important because it plays on our self-esteem and mental health as well. Hypnotherapy for self-esteem can help you to achieve positive body image overall, yet here are 4 ways to start improving your body image now:

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1. Stop Comparing

As a part of society, we learn to compare ourselves to others very early in life,thus a positive or negative body image develops early in life. Comparing gets us in trouble with our inner selves because we develop voices within our minds that turns against us. This inner critical voice then starts to put us down saying things like you look bad, you’re too fat, you’re too dark, you’re too ugly, etc. With hypnotherapy for self-esteem we work with the inner critic to negate these negative ideas within the mind for the physical body. Using hypnosis for body image, we then help the mind to be more comfortable to accepting positive ideas about the physical body.


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2. Communicating with Your Body

Your body is giving you signals at all times. It signals to you when it’s uncomfortable, when it’s full, when it’s tired, and so on. Learning to listen and communicate with your body will help to improve your body image. I recently told a client to write a letter, be real with herself regarding her body and let her body – through the pen – speak to her. As hypnotherapists, we have many ways to help you to communicate as part of hypnotherapy for body image so you understand what your body is saying to you. When you understand what your body is communicating to you, it becomes easier to respond and work together with your body for effective change.



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3. Practice Self-Acceptance

Acceptance of your body can lead to growth and evolution in having a positive body image. Often times, the more we reject ourselves, the more the body retaliates in its own way. By learning to accept yourself, no matter the body’s faults or idiosyncrasies, and embracing that each individual is unique even in physical body, you pave the way for incredible healing within your body. While having hypnosis for body image, you receive suggestions that will help you accept your physical body even more. Stop hating on yourself and start praising yourself even if it’s once a day to start, something as simple as “you look good in that outfit” or “your thighs look sexy today” can pave the way for self-acceptance and positive body image.


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4. Tender Loving Care (TLC)

Everyone needs some TLC. Tender loving care is taking care of yourself with kindness and being nice to yourself as you take some time away from others and duties to be with yourself. Something as simple as taking a bubble bath and just letting go is an example of TLC. TLC helps our minds and bodies to feel more rejuvenated and revitalized. Participating in physical activities that promotes a healthier, stronger, and more comfortable body can help promote positive body image. Speaking with kindness to your body, doing all that is needed to help your body including exercising to increase the strength and vitality of the body, and helping your mind to appreciate your body by participating in hypnotherapy for body image will transform the way you feel and think about your appearance, hence promoting a positive body image.

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