Hypnotherapy For Golf

Optimize Your Golf Game with Hypnotherapy

Have you ever wondered what makes the best golfers separate from the regular golfers?  Some of the best golfers realize that in order to be better at golf, it’s important to get hypnotized! Tiger Woods for example has been using hypnosis to stay focused in the zone during his golf game.  In the world of golf, hypnosis is not popular, yet over the many years as a Hypnotherapist, golfers that are serious about their game have come to me for golf hypnosis to overcome their limitations and maximize their gaming skills.

Many serious golfers recognize that the mental mindset in golf is more important than the physical techniques to making excellent swings. Here are a few ways I have helped people in the past with their golf game:

Pre-Shot Mental Routine

Often times, people that come to me already know their own mental routine in order to execute their shot extremely well. Sometimes they are lacking consistency to remember their mental routine before actually making the shot.  In other words, they forget to do their mental routine and then mess up on the shot as a result. Using hypnosis for golf, we have embedded the suggestions and commands to help the subconscious mind to mentally rehearse the pre-shot routine prior to each shot.  This has worked amazingly well to help people get each shot consistently.

Rushing the Shot

I’ve used hypnotherapy for golf to help people who had a tendency to rush through the shot and execute it in an awkward manner even though they knew and had been trained with all the appropriate techniques over many years. With hypnotherapy for golf, we had successfully transformed the cause of the rush tendency within their minds. We then helped them to get in the habit of slowing down and enjoying the shots which then contributed to them being much better at golf overall.

Performance Anxiety

Some golfers have come to me because they have had issues performing in front of others as most of the time golfers are playing with friends or associates. The anxiousness causes them to forget all they know and then they end up mindlessly executing their shot, hoping for the best but feeling physically shaken. Hypnosis for anxiety have helped tremendously in bringing about changes within the subconscious mind, thereby causing the symptoms of anxiety to disappear from within the body. As a result, the golfers have been free to enjoy performing and executing their shots nicely.

Negative Mind Chatter

A person’s golf game may not be perfect all the time. There is a probability of the person not making at least one shot. Sometimes the individual is hard on themselves and then starts putting themselves down with internal negative self-talk. This then leads to doubt and frustration which further causes them to have a miserable time during the game regardless of compliments they may receive from others. I have used hypnotherapy to eliminate the negative chatter in the golfer’s mind which enhanced their performance as their mind remained more focused with a positive attitude.

As you can see, hypnotherapy can help the golfer’s game in many different ways. With hypnosis for golf, you are using the power of your mind to optimize your gaming skills. So call us at Healthy Living Hypnosis FL to let us know how we can help you maximize your potential in your golf game.

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