One of The Most Effective Tool of Hypnotherapy: Regression Therapy

Did you know that whenever you look up at the sky, you are glimpsing into the past? Every time you look up at the stars, even the sun, you are actually seeing light that was emitted in the past. The sun’s light that you see as you look at it was emitted 8 minutes 20 seconds prior to your physical eyes processing the view. Stars that you are seeing in your present day emitted that light sometimes even millions of years ago, yet you are now catching a glimpse of it. What does this tell you? The past that we have lived and experienced continues to influence us in our present day life.

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Get Rid of Attached Entity or Ghosts Through Hypnosis

Did you know that Halloween was originally developed to ward off ghosts? All Hollow’s Eve, as it was called, was celebrated to wear costumes to keep the ghosts away. Another name for it, All Saint’s Eve originated because the Celtics thought that the night of October 31st was when the ghosts roamed the earth. Those that have died are commemorated in many traditions around the world during this time, however, not everyone that dies actually pass on. There are many that die but forget to go back home on the other side. The spirit of these people roam the earth for longer periods of time, sometimes even thousands of years. What they normally do to “stay alive” is to attach to other people. We call this Entity Attachment.

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5 Ways To Overcome Social Anxiety

Have you ever made plans to go out to a social setting where you know you will be forced to speak with people you don’t know? Were you excited about it because you love meeting new people or did you dread it so much that you considered staying home if not actually doing so? If you went, did you make conversations or new friends or did you sit in a corner by yourself with a pit in your stomach nervously rehearsing in your mind what you would say if someone wanted to talk to you?

If you have ever experienced the latter of the options, then you have experienced social anxiety. Since everything in life is technically a social event, whether its work, school, or fun, let’s look at 5 ways to help you overcome social anxiety:

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6 Ways to Tap Into Your Intuition

Our intuition is our own innate guidance system that we have brought with us onto this Earth. Sometimes it comes up as a voice or a feeling, but most often it’s just a “knowing” within us. It’s the time you would say to yourself, “I just know” but cannot explain why or how you know. Some of us are more in tune with our intuition whereas some of us are completely closed down to it, and yet some of us are aware of it but ignore it.

I was asked recently how to open up more of this intuitive power so here are several ways to help:

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5 Easy Ways To Minimize Stress At Work

Got stress at work? Well, here are five easy methods to help you not only ease your stress at work but also help you to ease your stress in life:

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